miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011



The students and teachers of the bilingual group 1º ESO want to thank you sincerely for your colaboration, affection and patience. All the days that you have spent with us during this year, we have learnt something new and always with a smile.

Lately we've been thinking about doing something that could remind us of your stay at the school. Although we could have prepared something more special, at the end we have downloaded a video about Colorado, the state where you come from. Trying to choose one that we like, we've learnt a little about this state in the USA. In it we can see the highlights, the flora, the wildlife and the most important traditions there. In the presentation, which is really marvellous, we can admire beautiful scenery and pictures of the most important cities, like Colorado Springs and Denver.

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  1. Bueno, Stephanie quería decirte que gracias por lo que has echo por nosotros. Que de verdad nos ayudado a entender mejor. Sinceramente gracias. Y esperamos que tus siguientes alumnos no sean tan trastos como nosotros(;