martes, 8 de mayo de 2012


In the 2nd term the students of the bilingual group of 2nd of ESO have made ppt presentations  about our region-Murcia.
In groups of two or three they have investigated about Murcian gastronomy, the weather and the coast, and the most important monuments and sites of Murcia
They have also investigated about the popular festivities that take place in Murcia from Carnival to Caravaca´s parties in May. And lastly some students have studied deeply the Autonomy of Murcia and the Goverment Organs and others have worked about The Mediterranean Diet
These works have been presented in class to the rest of students and they were also used to let the English students that took part in the exchange know more about Murcia.

First PPT:  Murcian Gastronomy: the most typical dishes.

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