jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

HALLOWEEN 2013 at Ramón y Cajal.


The bilingual groups have been working on different projects for two weeks to decorate the hall, the corridors and the main doors on the ground floor.
All the students were interested in the works of art they were doing and they say it was a great fun.
The results were excellent. You just have to look at the photos. Really great!!!
We try hard to innovate and be original every year.

This year the students have done the following:
• Horror stories invented by students. They are the characters of the stories.
• Origami owls with their symbolism in different cultures.
• Coffins made from shoe boxes and especially decorated.
• A graveyard with many tombstones and the epitaphs on them.
• Drawings that represent the typical scenery of this dark night, as haunted houses. bats and vampires.
• Drawings of funny costumes for Halloween night and their descriptions.
• A huge witch made with cardboard.
• Covers of horror books and films.
• Human skeletons.
• Masks, pumpkins (this year with scientific explanations), garlands… and many other things.

And once it was the exhibition ready, 31st October arrived. Some bilingual students dressed up and their teachers wore Halloween hats. You can see the groups with their English teachers in the photos.

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