martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012


These were the arrangement: For two weeks the three bilingual groups and 4th ESO A have been working on different projects to decorate the hall, the corridors and the main doors on the ground floor.

All the students were interested in the works of art they were doing as this festivity is relatively new and they say it’s a great fun.

The results were excellent. You just have to look at the photos. Really fantastic!!!

If we pay attention we can see different parts of the exhibition:
• two graveyards with many tombstones and the epitaphs on them.

• black silhouettes that represent typical animals and things of the day: black cats, owls, bats, pumpkins, ghosts and witches,

• drawings that represent the typical scenery of this dark night, such as haunted houses and ghosts,

• two big ghosts filled with little ones and tombstones that contain sentences of this time of ghosts and terror,

• the covers of horror books and films,

• a human skeleton,
• a coffin,

• masks, pumpkins … and many other things.

And once the exhibition was ready, the 31st of October arrived. Most of the students dressed up and so did some of their teachers. You can see the disguises in the photos. Aren’t they fantastic?

And to celebrate Halloween, we all went to the school´s biggest room to participate in the activities prepared: power point presentations, conversations, and the reading of a ghost story: The White Lady. To finish with, we watched a film with subtitles “Little Red Riding Hood”

As you see we lived Halloween intensly. And you?

                                                                                  Mª Jesús Pérez Sola.

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