jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012


The three bilingual groups have gone on 14th November to Sangonera to the Environmental Centre called CEMACAM.

As everybody can see through the pictures we participated in three different activities:
The first one: A lecture guided by Antonio Soler that presented the renewable energies that we use and the electricity, gas or coal consumption nowadays.
For the other two activities the students were separated into two groups:
One group went for a walk along the centre to see the surroundings of the place and listened to the explanation of why the centre was built on that location. We met young people that were living there as they were doing environmental courses, Also we saw the model of the Centre and lastly we went to see the building where all the bedrooms are.
Meanwhile the other group gathered around a big table and the guide showed them different devices that work with tiny solar panels, for example a helicopter, cars, meccanos, a fan in a cap, a gull, etc. And something very strange for us - a solar cooker. It wasn't a perfect sunny day but we got some sun rays, therefore we saw how popcorns were made.

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