sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011


On 22nd November the two bilingual groups of ESO and some of their teachers attended a lecture given by Antonio Soler, a specialist in environment and energies.

The lecture was sustained by a powerpoint that made us clear the changes in the climate that Earth is suffering and the clean energy sources that we have to use more and more for a sustainable future.

The Climate Crisis is the greatest environmental challenge which never before the humankind has faced. With this lecture all students have learnt some keywords frequently used in Earth Sciences and understood the importance of being part in the solution of this problem, with serious economic, environmental, social and sanitary consequences.

The phenomena that the planet suffers are inmumerable and getting worse every day, so with this lecture we want to motivate the students to action. They have to be aware of the consequences that the Climate change affect us so much.

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