lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011


Comenius is a European educative project in which IES Ramón y Cajal is involved during this academic year. Last October the students of 2nd B ESO took part of it creating  different posters (that contained English and Spanish information) about the following topic: European Union (EU) at a glance.

Some aspects we dealt with were:

-          What's the European Union?

-          Building the EU.

-          Member states of the EU.

-          Candidate countries.

-          Joining the EU.

-          Institutions and bodies of the EU.

Students learned a lot about this partnership. The main source they looked up was:

The posters were handed in to European teachers at the IES Ramón y Cajal. They visited us in October in order to exchange impressions and pieces of work about this topic and others.

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