jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011


As Halloween festivity was on the way, the English
and science teachers ask the students of the bilingual
program to colaborate doing different pictures and
masks to decorate the hall of the school.

The 1st of ESO group decided to make some drawings
that represent different costumes they'd like to wear
on that night.In the cardboards they described not
only the costume but also the physical appearance
and the objects that some of them take on their hands.

This group also painted some pumpkins
in the art class and their art teacher
made some fantastic pieces of work
for the exhibition.

The 2nd of ESO group decided to make some characteristic pictures for this time: haunted houses with bats and bright lights inside, ghosts, witches with cauldrons and pumpkins, black cats on roofs and scaring landscapes among others. They also made some masks and a person-height skeleton.

Apart from that in the English class the students could print some covers of terror books and films that they had read or watched.

Here we see the students and some teachers dressed up at the hall of the school.

The 31st October arrived and we prepared a party to celebrate it. Some teachers and most students disguised and we watched some videos and tricks that many people undergo on that day and night.

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