martes, 15 de febrero de 2011


left to right: Irene, Andrea, Chaima and Lorena

left to right: Sergio B, Alex, Sergio S, Williams (up) and Julian.


left to right: Ikram, Mishelle, Ainara, María and Mª José.

Murcia es una región donde el agua es un recurso escaso. El tiempo es caluroso desde mayo hasta octubre y no llueve casi. Nuestros profesores nos enseñan como ahorrar agua. Queremos mostraros como trabajamos el tema en clase para promover su ahorro en casa.

Murcia is a region where water is a scarce resource. The weather is hot from May to October and it rarely rains. Our teachers tell us how to save water. We want to show you the way we work in our classroom in order to SAVE WATER at home.

lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011


In green colour we can see the county of Somerset which Clevedon belongs to.

The students of the biligual group are going to start a mail relationship with students from a school in Clevedon ( south-west of England).

I have asked them to find information about Clevedon:

- geographical situation

- population

- climate

- important sights

- Clevedon School (students, staff, foreign languages, different learning methods...)

- culture

This is Clevedon School