martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

Projects vs cards made by students for the Erasmus+ project.

Some students of the 2nd bilingual group and some of 3rd ESO A have done some pieces of work for the Erasmus +. The had two options to work on.
The first option was to think about something that makes them happy or about what happiness brings them. Once they got the idea they had to express it on a cardboard and decorate it. 
The second option was to search for an English joke and represent it, too. 
Here you can see some pictures of their work. Thanks to all of you that handed in your projects.


These are the little pieces of art that many students of the 2nd bilingual group and some of the 3rd A group have made to commemorate St. Valentine's day. 

At school we try to have the exhibition ready in advance and keep it up for a week. Many thanks to all of you that make it possible.