miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015


Hi students and teachers! 

These are some of the pictures we want to share of Sean's farewell. As everybody knows, Sean has been with us for 2 years as an English language assistant and he has been very efficient and helpful.
As the 1st picture says "WE WILL MISS YOU, SEAN"

School Trip of the 1st ESO Bilingual Students with the English programme "Welcome to Young Britain".

On the 3rd week of May, some of our first of ESO bilinguals have shared experiences with other students from the secondary school "Nº 2 Santomera". They have followed an immersive course in English for 5 days, with native English teachers and instructors. Students and teachers stayed at the Youth Hostel in San Pedro del Pinatar.

The timetable they had to fullfil was well organised;
-- in the mornings they had lessons related to the 4 different UK countries,
-- after lunch they had some listening tasks,
-- then, they had plenty of time for sport activities, either at the youth hostel courts or at the beach,
-- and after some free time, they had to get ready for dinner,
-- but dinner was not the end, there was something special to finish every day. They had some fun with activities such as a fashion parade, a talent contest, the cinema night, guessing the film of the song, etc.

A really joyful week that students won't forget easily. But we have to remember that it was a week to increase the oral skills in English, and all the group did it very well. We can see the diplomas they got it on their last day
Enjoy watching the photos.

Welcome talk

Waiting for instructions

Ready for the beach

The fruit ready for the break

Board with the teams and points

Adrian's diploma





Jose David





A prize for the group