lunes, 20 de junio de 2011


Did you have fun at the same time you learnt a lot about the Mediterranean landscape, its flora and fauna? That was the purpose of the trip on 26 th of May.
We did an out-door activity and a bilingual guide went with us to Calblanque and Cabo de Palos. In this activity we dealt with contents related to different subjects, such as geography and history (Mediterranean landscape) natural sciences (Mediterranean flora and fauna) and English (using this language as a communicative tool).
First of all, we went around Calblanque. This Regional Nature Park is only a few kilometres from the Mar Menor, located in the Eastern side of Cartagena, on the Murcian coast.
There we consolidated what we have learnt in this academic year about Mediterranean landscape, such as dry areas, where high temperatures and droughts are very common due to the lack of rain in summer.  As a result, we verify that flora and fauna are adapted to these climatic characteristics: the vegetation in Calblanque is mainly composed by a wide variety of bushes (such as Lechuga de Mar or Siempreviva) and palm trees.

Moreover, it has wonderful beaches where we can enjoy the fossilized dunes and cliffs. The most representative beaches are Las Cañas, Negrete and Playa Larga.
Last but not least, the human activity is still present in this hidden treasure, like the agriculture and cattle-raising.

Secondly, after a break enjoying the beaches of Calblanque, we went to Cabo de Palos. This is a small, but charming fishing town located in a geographical accident called “Cape”. We visited the lighthouse, which was built in 1864.
Finally, we enjoyed unforgettable views of La Manga and the nearby islands, such as Isla Hormiga and Isla Grosa.

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

THE RICOTE VALLEY SECRETS. Done by María Latorre, Alba Mª Martínez & Ainara Ruiz.

Chosen piece of work about the school trip that the students of the bilingual group did to The Ricote Valley. It's written in Spanish and it's considered to be the best due to its originality.