jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013


The bilingual groups have made some drawings to celebrate St. Valentine's day at school. Their teachers encouraged them to create art related to this special day. We try to make them see this day firstly, as a day of friendship, but also if you have a loved one is a perfect day to say "I love you" "I need you" or "You're my Valentine" among other love messages.

Apart from hanging all the students' works in the hall columns, in their English lessons they learnt about the origin of St Valentine. He was a priest who was executed for marrying couples secretly. Chris, our language assistant, showed them a ppt and made them talk about the customs and traditions that people have in Murcia.

Here I'd like to share with you Chris' presentation about St. Valentine's Day.

Valentines day by mariajesusps

Here there are some photos of the exhibition at the school hall.  

I hope you like them.


miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013


The 3rd of ESO bilingual students are in correspondence with a Greek High School. It's called "Distomo High School (Gymnasio) and it is located in Distomo, Voiotia. Our students wrote their introduction letters and they were sent before Xmas. Now we have received their penpal letters and we've stuck them on one of the walls of an English classroom.

Here we can see pictures of the penpal letters of the Greek students and the Spanish group of students. The penpal names are written above the letters. 

Have a look at them!