martes, 2 de abril de 2019

CAMPUS MORAGETE_ English Inmersion (March 2019)

Some students from 1st to 3rd ESO of our school enjoyed the 3-day inmersion trip to Campus Moragete located in Casas del Rio, Requena- Valencia.
It`s the third consecutive year that our school has organised this trip as students always come back with a wonderful feeling of repeating the experience once and again. There students practise their oral skills in workshops, team activities, educational games, etc.
The Campus assistants and teachers organise lots of activities to keep students busy throughout the day and  have fun. And all happens in a superb atmosphere as most of the students are eager to make new friends from the other schools that stay at the Campus that same week.

Here are some pics of your stay; experiences to remember -

The farewell picture


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